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Composition and classification of double-sided tape


Composition of double-sided tape

The double-sided adhesive tape is a roll-shaped adhesive tape made of paper, cloth, plastic film as a base material, and an elastomer-type pressure-sensitive adhesive or a resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive is evenly coated on the above-mentioned base material. Adhesive, release paper (film) is composed of three parts.

Classification of double-sided tape substrates

1. Double-sided adhesive with substrate is based on tissue paper, PET, PVC film, non-woven fabric, foam, acrylic, film, etc., and it is evenly coated with elastomer-type or resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. , Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, etc., the roll-shaped or sheet-shaped adhesive tape made on the above substrate is composed of the substrate, adhesive, release paper (film).

2. Non-substrate double-sided adhesive is roll or sheet made of release paper (film) material coated with (elastomer-type pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, etc.) adhesive. Adhesive tape is composed of adhesive and release paper (film).

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